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Farmore is a better, fairer way of contract farming. By engaging farmers as business partners not cheap employees or charity cases, we’re improving their earnings and producing more food for a hungry growing world.

So how does it work?

Why it works


More Food

At the core of what we do is produce more food. This good for Nigeria and our food security and ultimately for the whole world


More Knowledge

With our extension services, we teach farmers improved techniques and methods which remain with them forever.


Real Change

By putting more money in the hands of the smallholder farmers, they are empowered to better their lives and their communities


Fulfilling Needs

We're able to meet specific needs for specific quantities and qualities of products, local and international


Financial Engagement

Our system organises farmers into structured financial bodies - owned by them, so operating for them.


Better Communities

We're ultimately building better communities and making lives richer for more and more people.

Our Services

Grow 2 Order

For traders, agribusiness owners, land owners or people who need specific produce in specific volumes of specific qualities; our Grow to Order service is built for you. If you want to find out more, then call +234 (0)903 000 1231 or email mail@farmore.ng & we'll work out if we can help you

Community Giveback

Would you like to do something for your community? Giving consumables is great, but Farmore offers a sustainable, empowering solution that makes a real long lasting difference. Deploying our model back home changes lives for good. Talk to us today - +234 (0)903 000 1231 or mail@farmore.ng

Commodity Purchase

As producers of commodities for our clients, we also help them look for offtakes to guarantee that they can sell what they produce. As our produce list changes from season to season, get in touch to find out if we have what you are looking for. Call +234 (0)903 000 1231 or email mail@farmore.ng


Reliability and predictability are keys parts of our business. We're always open to improved ways of doing things and we love to work with businesses in the agricultural, engineering and technology space who have type of drive and passion that we do. Get in touch today if you think we could work well together

Our Partners

Get in touch

Phone: +234 (0)903 000 1231
Email: mail@farmore.ng
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